Two-Ply Labels

Two-Ply Labels

If you are limited in space and need to share additional information about your product, two- ply labels are an excellent choice, and popular in:

Gain space

With up to four printable surfaces, you can display additional information in the same amount of space as other label choices. Printing on both sides of the top ply and the base is the ultimate solution for small printing areas. This is a smart way to include barcodes and product numbering without losing space on your container.

Engage customers

Your customers can peel back the non-adhesive tab to view your product information and remove it completely or reclose it for continued access to your information. Use the two-ply label for promotional sweepstakes, brief instructions, customer replies on mail-outs, credit card offers, or displaying information in multiple languages.

Endless options

Each ply may be blank, clear, colored or fully printed according to your request. Make your brand’s colors stand out on the shelf with spot-color printing. Order your two-ply labels in a standard size or we can accommodate custom sizes. For example, you may choose the same label size for each ply or make the top ply larger for easy removal. Need your two-ply label to perform in a specific way? Select one quality adhesive or specify a different adhesive for each layer.

If the amount of information required on the labels does not fit on a two-ply label construction, booklet labels (or ELC) may be the perfect solution for your needs.

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