Petrochemicals and Paints

Automotive, Petrochemical and Paint labels

When there’s work to be done, delicate labels just won’t do. Whether it’s for automotive products, petrochemicals or paint, the custom printed label has to be up to the task. After all, it will be exposed to all of the elements of industry and more.

And with so much valuable information on the label like instructions for use, warnings, first aid directions and disposal guidelines, it’s critically important that these labels stay intact and readable for the life of the product.


IngeniousPKG is a leading printer for petrochemical and paint labels. We understand that custom labels for industrial, automotive, petrochemical and paint products must do two things: stand out in the crowd and stand up to anything. We also recognize that label printing costs are an important consideration.

We can create a label that stands out and stands up to wear with many printing processes and decorative options including:

  • Flexo
  • Litho
  • Silkscreen
  • Digital
  • Inkjet

Our array of special finishes will add visual interest with texture and color, as well as variable images or text.

  • Stamping
  • Raised varnishes
  • Security features
  • Lamination
  • Product- and weather-resistant coatings and varnishes

By continually investing in advanced technology that enhances our capabilities and cost-saving capacity we can deliver the best possible products at the best price, while still meeting the most demanding timelines.

IngeniousPKG is an ISO 9001 certified company, maintaining optimal quality control on all projects, and ensuring product integrity. We are equipped with the most modern press technology providing faster, more efficient workflow. Our defect detection system, on-press and on the inspection machines, ensures that defect sizes meet your pre-approved criteria.

Our team will work with yours to create protocols to reduce cycle time and inventory levels. This is done by facilitating EDI transactions, harmonizing VMI platforms, supporting XML, flat files exchanges of information, Internet access to real-time information regarding each job, and digital file management.

For more information on our printing capabilities for automotive, petrochemical and paint labels, contact us.