In-Mold Labels (IML)

In-Mold Labels (IML)

The in-mold label is the reinvention of the traditional label because rather than being affixed to the outside of a container, it is part of the container. In-mold labeling (IML) is a popular sub- surface labeling process for all kinds of injection-molded plastic containers. The fact that it is protected from wear and tear by the container also makes it a smart choice for important information such as warning and instructional labeling.

Superior appearance

In-mold labeling conforms perfectly to unique shaped plastic containers of all sizes. As with all our other label choices, you can select multiple colors and substrates to capture your brand. The sleek, seamless appearance of in-mold labeling is modern, eye-catching and adaptable to your packaging needs.

Highly durable

Since in-mold labels are applied and become part of the wall of the product, your label cannot rip, stain or fall off. They can also improve the strength of container walls. In-mold labels are resistant to chemical corrosion and temperature fluctuations. As an added value, in-mold labels are a great choice for:

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