Booklet-Type Labels (ECL)

Booklet-type Labels or ECL

Also known as Expanded Content Labels (ECL), booklet-type labels are a cost-effective and practical way to convey extensive information in a compact format. Booklet labels are affixed to the surface of the container with a pressure-sensitive label and expand to a booklet with a reusable seal. This function allows customers to remove the booklet entirely or reapply the seal for repeated access to your information.

Share more in less space

Deliver your full message without the restrictions of an ordinary label. Provide detailed product information such as safety instructions, ingredient lists, allergy warnings, mail-in rebates, instantly redeemable coupons, promotional literature and multi-lingual translations. With several times the surface area to print your message, you can say as much as you need to!

Highly adaptable

Since booklet labels occupy the same amount of space as a pressure-sensitive label, they can be utilized on any type of container or product. Booklet labels are well suited to small items with limited space or products that need expanded space to communicate more information, such as those found in:

The re-sealable tab can also act as a tamper-evident device for the consumer’s peace of mind and is available in an inherent static format.

Saves time and money on the line

You don’t need to spoil the visual appeal of your existing labeling when you incorporate booklet labeling. Using a booklet label format can save on production line time in your packaging process or eliminate the information on a folding carton. Instead of adding a separate leaflet or producing multi-piece packaging, we can design a custom booklet label that expresses all of your additional information, directly attached to the product.

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