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Why IngeniousPKG

Our business is printing high quality labels that catch the eye of consumers. Over the past three decades, we’ve grown from humble beginnings into one of the top fifteen pressure sensitive label companies in North America.

And, as impressive as our labels is what’s behind them — an exceptional team, advanced technology, incomparable customer service and a commitment to excellence that has been the foundation for building an organization that others strive to emulate.

At IngeniousPKG, our mission is to be a great place to work, a great partner to work with, and an international leader in printed packaging. We will strive to achieve excellence in our industry, while simultaneously promoting healthy, lasting relationships with employees, customers and suppliers alike. Our success will be measured by the personal and professional prosperity of all who work with us. We will grow through the cultivation of authentic, respectful, collaborative relationships; and all business decisions will be made with a mind to our executing mission in a transparent manner.

Always striving to stay one step ahead, we go to great lengths continuously developing new processes for faster, more efficient work flow. Through regular reinvestment in our valued employees and advanced technological capabilities, we continue to consistently anticipate and satisfy our clients’ needs.

We strive to be more than just a printer—we want to become a partner that works with our clients to continuously create strategic, results-driven products that target specific markets and successfully reach sales goals.

We believe in building long-term collaborative relationships with our clients, and we go to great lengths to earn their trust each and every day. Our unwavering commitment to this goal has been rewarded with many longstanding business partnerships.


Sales, estimating, technical, customer experience, prepress, scheduling purchasing and production planning functions tied through a centralized ERP system.


An experienced team that will work with yours to create protocols to reduce cycle time and inventory levels.


The ability to seamlessly shift volume and production between platforms and equipment.


Stable and consistent high-level performance related to efficiency, service and quality.

Service and technology that sets us apart.

At IngeniousPKG we pride ourselves on best in the industry service and technology.

Your label is the face of your brand. And, as labels continue to evolve, we continue to adapt. Due to this constant evolution, clients are always looking for more from us as label printers. At IngeniousPKG we offer our customers the latest specialty decorative finishes, inventive new ways of conveying information to their consumer and the ability to better manage inventory turns and inventory levels. However, it’s not all about what we print, it’s about how we do business—the way we are organized, the value we place on service, and the importance of always meeting our clients’ requirements. This is what sets IngeniousPKG apart.

From press to point-of-sale—faster.
  • We have phased in digital file management, digital proofing systems and components for faster automation in our pre-press department.
  • Our Toronto facility features a nine-color Web Offset-Flexo press for printing in-mold labels, flexible packaging and shrink sleeves. The size and speed of this press makes us extremely competitive for large runs of pressure sensitive labels.
  • The press technology at our facility is constantly being updated. Our servo-driven presses offer tighter register tolerances, resulting in reduced set-up times and less waste on press.

With [insert press information here] we have the capacity to meet even the most strained timeline.

Shorter lead times = Delivery when it counts.

We offer solutions for just-in-time deliveries with minimal inventory levels. Offering a harmonious information infrastructure to reduce lead cycles, a unique online portal to look at the job status for orders in process, and detailed usage reports that provide real-time visibility against your production schedule.

Product integrity you can trust.
  • Ingenious Packaging is an ISO 9001-certified company that delivers consistency in process control.
  • Our fully digital pre-press workflow is integrated into our MRP system. Our pre-press department is a certified user of Gracol, SWOP and G7 setting ultimate industry standards in color management.
  • Defect Detection Systems are installed on the majority of our inspection machines and many of our presses, ensuring defect-free products are shipped out.
  • Ingenious Packaging is HACCP (Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Points) certified through PAC.

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Innovation that propels you to the top of your industry.

At IngeniousPKG we’re always working to develop new products and label applications. We have successfully integrated RFID (radio frequency identification) tags into labels for loss prevention and created liner-less labels to save money on storage and shipping costs. And there is more to come!

We continue to invest in developing our team members’ skills, improving our internal processes, acquiring new infrastructure, and looking for innovative ways to enhance the value that we provide to our clients. If we can be of service to you, please contact us today.

We can supply every market imagenable with an array of high-quality printed label products.

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